Window Replacement Reviews

Review of The Top 5 Replacement Window Makers
Thinking about home improvement? Here is a review of the top 5 window manufacturers. For a special report on how to save on replacement windows visit

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  1. You missed the best window value on the market! Champion not only has a extremely low U value..(.29) but is factory direct! They sell, manufacture, and install their windows. There is never the “you have to call the manufacturer or they were installed wrong” excuses.. And they look great..More like a wood window then any other Vinyl window available today..

  2. This video was not intended to list the top 5 in quality or value…I know for a fact that Gorell and Champion both offer far superior products and quality than any mentioned here…But that was not what was being listed here.

  3. You can decide on your own. Get information on window manufacturers and price comparisons. Check us out.

  4. .29 isn’t really considered extremely low anymore. Granted it is pretty much you’re minimum requirement, among a .30 or lower for SHGC, I know other manufacturers that go far beyond that. Peachtree for one can reach a .18 on some of their windows. But there are plenty of manufacturer’s that can reach a .29 U-factor (not U-value)

  5. Champions U factor is .28 and SHGC .21. This allows more visable light and yet is 12 points below the .40 enerystar standard, and 2 points below the tax credit requirement. You are right kristinbrottle that windows do go lower. as low as .18 but those numbers are overkill and you wind up altering the SHGC and visable transmittance to unfavorable numbers.

  6. you all full of do do.i am #1 tech for #1co nationwide.smear all of you in every category,mostly sales have a nice day

  7. Want to see the poor job Andersen is doing to my house. 17 window joke! Click my channel.

  8. You’re right Andersen is the best. If I have problem with wood, then I’m going to do Renewel By Andersen

  9. Have you ever heard of Affinity Windows? U factor is .19 as low as .15 for a Triple Pane Window, R-5 Insulation Rating.

  10. Marvin Integrity LowE with Argon is the window we choose, great value. We installed them on our own house ten years ago and have used them ever since. Ultrex fiberglass is superior And there is solid wood on the interior, not thin veneer like Andersen Renewals. Marvin quality and service is great. Andersen is so-so, they won’t let us install and on one of our jobs they kept sending the wrong sizes. We prefer to maintain high quality by installing the windows ourselves. Say NO to vinyl.

  11. Stupidest waste of time video ever! Why did you waste my time with a video of a power point presentation that gives over 15 seconds to read 1 word. If this is what you have on YouTube I am not even going to waste my time at the referenced web site..

  12. Maybe the top 5 in sales volume and high price but no where close to being in the top 5 in performance….you should clarify what you mean by “top 5”

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