Window Replacement

How To: Window Replacement
Shannon from shows you how to remove an old window and install a new replacement window.

Replacement windows are a great home improvement idea that can help lower your heating and cooling costs.

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25 thoughts on “Window Replacement

  1. Where did u get the trim from for the outside wall? Love your videos by the way..very prescise and informative!

  2. do you put the drip cap on when you are puting trim around window? or should i just cock there to and around trim?

  3. Please go to my forum to re-ask that question , you will find it on my website and there is a link right below this video but before the comments area.

  4. Thank you so much… your video is going to be very helpful to my window project. Out of all the videos I search for a good “how to install a window”, your video is by far the best and well explain, step by step on how to install a window… Awesome!!!

  5. Wow, that is a detailed video. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a window installation video go into that much detail! Well done.

  6. A good way to clean up the foam is to, before it cures, take a paper towel and pick up the biggest clump you can, not smearing it around, and then take another paper towel damp with acetone to wipe up whatever is left. Acetone is a strong solvent and is a good solvent for the foam meaning it will dissolve the foam, unlike water.

  7. This level of detail you guys show is AWESOME. I’d even buy a dvd if it had videos with this kind of quality!

  8. Thanks for the video. I’m considering making windows in my loft, and this video is awesome. Best comment award goes to: ”Don’t go super nuts with the tightening.”

  9. I want that kind of window where do I get this kind?..full frame etc…it is called something…?

  10. These are a” All weather” window with 2″ reno brick mould and full jam extensions. Canadian company

  11. everything perfect, except for forgetting to install the House-wrap paper. you know its a must nowadays in Canada. correct me if im wrong
    thanks for the vids

  12. You’re being pretty careful removing the old window. Are you keeping it for possible reuse or are you just being tidy and not causing any extra damage? I might have just hammered my crows foot in (the thing you pulled the nails with after you’d pried up the nailing flange-not sure what you call it) and pulled the nails while permanently destroying the nailing flange if I wasn’t going to save the window for anything. You probably did a lot less rough opening material damage the way you did it.

  13. No this window was not saved, I find it easier and quicker to change them if there is not shards of glass and splinters of wood everywhere to clean up as well! Lol thanks, by the way please remember to vote for us on you tube if you have not already! Thanks

  14. I wasn’t thinking breaking the window itself, that’s just a pain cleaning up, but more just digging out the nails in the flange in one step. The way you do it probably only takes about 10 minutes more than the way I’m talking about. So there was a comment on here suggesting a house wrap necessity in Canada. Is that true and how in the world would you have done it since you had all of about an inch of rough opening to work with?

  15. I seen that comment, it would be ridiculous to cut a two inch piece of house wrap and install it. A complete waste of time . It is not required in that situation.

  16. Please go to the forum page on the website and click the misc. tab there you will find a link and info. Thank you maxid1

  17. Great video, only thing is to wear a dust mask while sawing. You kept the dust out of the air conditioner, but not your lungs.

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