Replacement Window Installers

Jeld-Wen Vinyl Replacement Window Installation – How To
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Vinyl Replacement Window Installation
How To Install a Replacement Window.

13 thoughts on “Replacement Window Installers

  1. This is so far one of the best instructional videos for removing double hung wooden windows and reinstalling replacement vinyl windows. Better then those fools at expert village

  2. I am a window installer and there are many window styles out there, take a pic or two of what you have and take it to a pro (NOT HOME DEPOT), get advice from a company that deals only in windows and doors…

    and do your research, jeld-wen products where I am from are over priced and of poor quality (HOME DEPOT)! GET A GOOD WARRANTY IF YOU ARE UNSURE!!!

  3. Windows to avoid at this point are: Pella, Marlborough,Farley,Jeld-wen and Alcan unless you want to keep your old Pearson, Donat Flamand, Vyna-guard or Laflamme. Damn guys who design those windows uses one of the best sealed unit on the market and wrap them in bio degradable, flimsy shit that they call vinyl. I just can wait to see who will come up with a decent fiberglass frame…Hey, it is all glass therefore it should expand and contract at the same rate. I go with North star. Fool proof…

  4. Why do you think that I quit my job 2 months ago…The customers watch too many Home renovation shows. I want those windows because the host is good and if he installs them it means they are the best…Lady , I can’t install your windows because they are flanged and you have Stucco outside. I have to adjust the price because the openings are too small. I told you…let me measure and order the windows. That big JW sticker is only good in the bathroom from my point of view.

  5. I guess that’s the easy way to do it. I wanted bigger windows, so I took out the whole frame of my previous windows, and even increased the size of the opening by about an inch to get my new windows to fit.

    Of course, tearing into the house that much, then I had to replace rotten wood around the opening and redo a lot of drywall on the inside. But, I love the light that comes into the rooms now!

  6. I’m an Andersen Fan and expert, but if I had to buy a non Andersen Company window, it would be Jeld- Wen. Andersen owns Renewel By Andersen, Silverline, and Eagle.

  7. I bought Jeld-Wen windows in my last house about 8 years ago. They were ok, nothing special.

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