How to Find a Window Installer

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Windows installer –

Uncheck “Repair all detected reinstall problems”.
Check “Force all files to be reinstalled, regardless of checksum or version”.
Check “Verify that required user registry entries are present”.
Check “Verify that required machine registry entries are present”.
Check “Validate shortcuts”.
Press OK

Getting Error windows installer service could not be accessed?
1.Goto run type Services.msc
2.Scroll down to windows installer Double click it
3. Set the Startup Type to Manual and click Start to start the service.
Hopefully this solves it
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25 thoughts on “How to Find a Window Installer

  1. How do you know when it’s completed? I chill owed your steps but it doesn’t show any sign if it worked´╗┐ or not?

  2. do you need internet for this i know its a stupid´╗┐ question but i dont soooo ­čśŤ

  3. So… For me this didn’t work… But my friend said go on my roof (2level house) and throw´╗┐ it in my pool from there… You know it worked, now I don’t have a crap Dell.

  4. i tried´╗┐ the getting windows installer error and i did everything but once i put start it said the program was started and automatically stopped some services are stopped if they have no work to do and my windows installer still wont work

  5. can u give me more detail by pm? can try this if it works then you can continue
    1.. Go to Administrative Tools – Services
    2. Right Click “Computer Browser” then Properties
    3. Click on the Recovery tab, set the following:
    First Failure = Restart the the Service
    Second Failure = Restart the the Service
    Subsequent Failures = Restart the the Service
    Reset Fail count After = 120
    Restart Service after = 0
    4. Click´╗┐ Ok

  6. How long does this process take? I have followed all of your instructions and clicked ok, but nothing has showed up for any progress or letting´╗┐ me know the files have been restored. Do I have to restart the computer after I have clicked ok? Thanks.

  7. Ok so I did everything and it worked but is it supposed to show another tab where it shows the progress of the restalling?´╗┐ Because I didn’t get that.

  8. It worked great. Thank you. I spent a week´╗┐ trying and nothing else worked. Including repair disks.

  9. How to fix “Not access to installer……The installer might not be installed correctly….The installer is corrupted..”

    Your advice is greatly´╗┐ appreciated.

  10. How long does this take?and i have nothing on screen showing the status of what its doing?all i have is what you show in video on my screen wondering here?could you respond´╗┐ when you get the chance thanks

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