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Installing Replacement Windows – Step-by-Step
Kaitlin Poe show step-by-step proceedures for replacing an old aluminum sliding window in a adobe brick house with new low-e, double pane window.Tools needed include: drill, screwdriver, hammer, chisel, caulking gun, safety glasses, tape, caulk, masonary screws. 15 minutes.

25 thoughts on “Home Window Installers

  1. You go girl! This was a very educational video simple and clear I am going to do my own windows now you shoud have a do it yourself show, contact me if you need a co-host! Thanks very much

  2. That was a very good explanation on how to do the job. Thank you for making the video

  3. Thanks for the video. It was very educational. It’s nice to see attractive women who can get a job done. Marry me?

  4. This is empowering information! It seems like somehow homeowners have been tricked by media into thinking they need to replace, rather than repair if possible. We can provide you with all the parts you will need to do it yourself; or to use a local contractor. We’ll ship them to you! Seal Rite Windows dot com We love to repair and save ppl money!

  5. We just got quoted for $500 per window…lol Guess I will just have to google what flashing and caulking is. 10 windows for 5k…i don’t think so.

  6. Well done…..really nice job. I realize that the point of the video is to empower people to “do it yourself” but I wish that you lived in my vicinity. I would hire you in a heartbeat!

  7. These googles are the best googles money can buy. I love these googles more than anyone could google about googles.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to10U0j2Z

  8. Impressive video Kaitlin,This should help some people looking to save $ and replace windows themselves….Again Great Job!

  9. Nice job! I would use a hammer drill with that masonry drill bit, though. And you would certainly need to shim the window wherever you are going to screw it; otherwise the frame would bend outward if you put a bit too much pressure on the screws. And the shims will adjust and hold the window to perfect level and squareness while you attach it.

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