Do You Tip Window Installers

Speed Up Windows Installs: Create a Thumb Drive Installer!
Ever wonder how to install an OS from a hard drive? We’ve got the answer on the easy way to do it. Check out Microsoft’s official tool for Windows and UNetBootin for any Linux installs.
Great tip from Mindaugas Degutis:

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25 thoughts on “Do You Tip Window Installers

  1. Premium channels like HBO or Showtime are no problem, but last I checked, no two-way interactive services like pay per view or video on demand for HTPCs with CableCARD. Some cable companies will let you phone in an order for PPV, you’ll have to check your cable providers website.

  2. I’ve done this, installing Win 7 fixing my friend laptop… the problem comes when you want to make the bootable USB from a Windows XP machine (ok, now not that much people still have to update, but); I remember I had to do some annoying workarounds by command line.

  3. No. But we had Firewire external drives (or even just the iPod from 2000 which was a firewire external drive) which was basically the same thing…..and wow..we could boot up from them and diagnostics and install OS. That was back in the day!

  4. In fact..I still have my iPod 10 GB Firewire which is still great bootable device. Now it’s retro and works. But still..back in the day folks…13 years ago! I just find it laughable that Windows is now only able to make bootable versions of installers.

  5. First of all keep it up, i really enjoying your tekzilla show. Can you make some ideas or some projects on the raspberry pi,? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks Malta

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