Best Window Installers

Proper Technique for Flashing and Window Installation
Kohta Ueno and Alex Lukachko demonstrate the proper technique for intalling a window and flashing in a rough opening during wall construction.

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  1. dude the last thing any window needs is blue skin to seal it the shit is a moisture trap just do a test weeks after job done looks good but no good

  2. @BuildingGeek @BuildingGeek actually manufacturers all say you HAVE to caulk the rough opening before putting the new window into place

  3. . I have read the manufacturer’s installation instructions for all the major brands including Anderson, American craftsmen, pella, Marvin and they all state you must CAULK the rough opening before putting the window int place. If you don’t do this you will void your warranty. Flashing tape will leak eventually you need a second layer of defense behind the flashing tape which is the caulking

  4. why was the building wrap not taped to the top flange before you moved on to doing the siding? As a draft barrier the header area is most critical because commonly, it is the area with the least wall cavity insulation. Also the sill apron area is going to be drafty for two reasons. 1) you shimmed the legs up widening the uninsulated gap. 2) you mention not insulating the space between the inside sill pan lip to the exterior face. why?

  5. your normally supposed to peal back the house wrap, then flash, and put the house wrap over the flashing. 

  6. At the end of the day flashing tape is just a tape water is bound to get behind it  eventually. You need a second layer of defense which is the caulking. In addition all major window manufacturers such as Marvin and Anderson recommends caulking the flange

  7. Under the window it is best to put the flashing over the house-wrap as that prevents the water from entering between the two. Think gravity. =)

  8. if water is behind the whole assembly, and you are relying on caulk and plywood to keep the water out then you are in trouble… that’s why the caulk is redundant.

  9. The looks about right. That’s the way that my window installation contractor ended up installing my windows.

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  10. They have flashing tape to go around the OUTSIDE of the windows to prevent leaks. But alot of people say the most important is to flash the sills – inside/under the windows. How/why is that? don’t you want to stop the water from getting in?

  11. I just had my windows wrapped so if the window wrap is to keep water out why can I see a gap where I can still see a little of the old window sill? Can it be easily fixed? HELP

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