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How To Measure For Replacement Windows
Shannon from shows you how to measure your old windows to order replacement ones. If a window company will come out and do the measuring, that should be your first choice, because if something is not right, they should be held responsible.

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  1. Thanks Shannon! We just purchased an older home to move our office to. It is in desperate need of new windows. Thanks to you, I will not have to hire out the entire project!  Whew! I will be watching all of your tutorials!

  2. you sir have no idea what youre talking about, you dong gut the whole thing all you have to do on that wood awning is pull out the sash stops and then take out the crank mech. pull out the stop screws for the sash slide.the sash down and out of opening, put your new stops on at what depth u like, i typically put them where the oldones where just to cover stain lines set your window, insulate it, wrap it with aluminum just bend a 3/4×3/4 return to hook around the j channel im a widow

  3. as far as measuring for a replacement window measure outside stop to outside stop on width then from outside stop to outsides

  4. outside sill/stop sorry as about the five comment i kep hitting enter on accident im on my wifes kindle. the keyboard is difficult to use

  5. Again, thank you for a great video on “how to measure windows”. You are good at what you do.

  6. Pretty good window – but for all the DIY’ers out ther, there are a couple more things you really need to take into consideration. There are numerous types of window styles. Standard aluminum, vinyl, wood sash, “step frame”. You really should measure both inside and outside to be safe. Outside you would measure the window like him. Inside you would measure inside to inside of the wood trim, or “liner”. Typically, liners are 3/4″ – sometimes 1/2″ if sheetrock or plywood.

  7. If the window is 64 on the outside – the inside should be somewhere around a 1 1/2 smaller in width – and you wold know you have room in the framing to make it the 63 7/8’s. “step frame” windows are a bit tricky – the outside of the window is wider than the inside, usually by 1 1/2. So a same window that measures 64 on the outside, but on the inside is dramatically shorter like 62 1/2 – a 63 7/8’s will NOT work. Take 1 1/2″ off the outside measuremeant – and will need to do exterior trim always.

  8. Rhett, you are right on when we removed our windows the inside was at least a 1/4 ” shorter all the way around .The new windows nearly fell in the opening and now having to fill them in.
    On 10 of the windows I did myself. We had a window company guy come out and do the other nine will see if he did better
    We have a 1977 built Jim Walter home and decided to upgrade and do the windows
    On this type of home you do not need to deduct anything

  9. Hello Shannon, We have this exact same size window and the same siding which appears to be Masonite. We have a 1/2 ” insulation under the siding We did the measurement as you suggested and took 1/8″ inch We get the new windows take the old one out and surprise the new window is about 3/4″ smaller .The nail lip as I call it barely catches the edge of the wood and no room to nail We are now having to redo the window opening so the new windows fit I do not think this works on 1977 or so house

  10. WHAAAAY too much blah blah blah. It doesn’t take 11 minutes to tell someone how to measure for replacement windows bud.

  11. my home was built in 1890 and the walls are horse hair plaster and in great shape but the windows are original, most of the videos the houses don’t go back beyond 1960, the house is vinyl sided and I think I’m going to have to do one window a day to make sure I fit them correctly.

  12. Thanks for the video. I’m a contractor that doesn’t normally do a lot of window replacements, but on this job they have the exact same window. If you didn’t tell me about the nailing in the front I would have been screaming for hours! Thanks again.

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