Installing Replacement Windows

How To Install A Window (New Construction)
Shannon from shows you how to install a window in a new construction situation.

24 thoughts on “Installing Replacement Windows

  1. You have to have a spot for drainage. as far as channeling for a “air” you should caulk the inside perimeter of your window to avoid this before running your drywall.

  2. I don’t understand why you couldn’t just use the house wrap for this? Just cut it smaller than the window and make angle cuts and then tuck it in to framing.

  3. One quick question;
    You installed a little bit of membrane on the sides. if you are concerned with water penetration, why not go all the way up? and as other said, why not also utilize some of the Tyvex? As far as nailing through the membrane, most are self sealing

  4. Most times that you get water penetrating the exterior finish, it is around windows and doors. The membrane is used in only those areas to prevent it from entering the opening and getting into the wall space.If you use only house wrap you can’t get a really tight seal.

  5. Would be nice to be able to watch the video without this page for some reason it shuts the internet down! I hate it when that happens.

  6. Also, WE CAN’T HEAR IT! Whoever does the editing on these videos needs to increase the VOLUME! I have all mine turned up as loud as they will go and can barely hear it!

  7. Not sure what the problem is but I think it is on your end because this is working fine and no one else is complaining. Check you volume adjustment under the video box.

  8. That no one else has complained is not testimony to there being no audio problems. Furthermore, all the audio is NOT “working fine.” There’s nothing wrong with my audio settings, and I’m experiencing the same problem as Barbara. Having done a fair bit of video editing over the years, the problem stems from Shannon’s not wearing a wireless mic. Some of the many low-audio clips occur when Shannon’s back is to the camera, which means the on-camera mic struggles. -more-

  9. Technically, this CAN be fixed in post as Barbara suggests, but the problem is beter resolved in future videos with a mic’d Shannon. Whether he’s walking away from the camera, talking with his back to the camera, or talking in lower volumes as we all tend to do, Shannon’s voice will be much more audible and clear. Having said that, thanks for the great video!

  10. Great video as always. Audio sounds good to me. Thanks for posting your informational videos. Probably some of the best on You tube

  11. The adhesive flashing tape when used with the primer with automatically heal’s around the nails. It’s designed with that in mind.

  12. Agreed that the flashing tape heals around the nails. But the pan is not a good place for nails. They’re just not necessary here… and adhesives do fail. In any case, it’s a good install. Much better than what most people would do. I only mentioned it as the one thing I would do differently. No big deal. Thanks again Shannon for a great video.

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