Where is the Best Place to Find Replacement Windows in Palatine Illinois?

If you Palatine home windows are old, drafty, don’t operate correctly, or just plain are dirty and ugly, it may be time to replace them.

The Following are the Advantages of New Energy Efficient Replacement Windows…

Energy Efficiency-

New window technology makes windows only a few years old pretty much obsolete, let alone older ones made 10 or more years ago.  Better frame materials, more energy efficient glass unit designs, and better weather stripping and wind blocking techniques, make the latest replacement windows heads and tails more efficient.

Will Save You Money-

More efficient windows regulate the temperature difference between the inside of your home and the outside.   By keeping the hot out in the summer and the cold out in the winter, energy saving windows can significantly lower the time that your air conditioning and your furnace are running in during their respective seasons.  These units not running as much directly saves you money on your utility bills each and every month.

Lower the Overall Energy Consumption of the World-

Sure it’s just a small part but all the small parts added up equals a relatively big deal.  If you use less energy because of new home windows and your Palatine neighbors do the same, then all the homeowners in Chicago, then everyone in Illinois, and ultimately everyone across the United States, these saving compound.  Less energy used means less coal producing electricity plants, less natural gas use, and less carbon emission footprint on Mother Earth.

Makes Your Life More Convenient-

Old windows, in general, are difficult to open and close, are more difficult, if not impossible, to clean, and sometimes don’t operate at all.  The bottom line is, new windows work!  They operate correctly.  New designs make cleaning windows easy and almost enjoyable.  And the features that you want to work, locks, screens, lifting mechanisms, work perfectly, making your life easier!

Increases the Value of Your Home-

The return on investment for window installation is among the highest for any home improvement project.   According to realtors and home improvement experts a quality window installation will give a homeowners a R.O.I. of between 60 and 80%.   That is, for every dollar you spend you get 60 to 80 cents added to the value of your home.  Combine that with the amount of money you will save each month on your utility bills and window replacement pretty much pays for itself.

Pride of Ownership-

When anything you own looses it’s luster you loose pride in owning that object.  Think in terms of a car that you may have owned.  When it was new and shiny and smelled like a new car, you loved driving it.  As the years passed, maybe you got a few dings here, a couple of scratches there.  The wheels didn’t shine like they used to.  The interior had a few (or a lot) of stains.  How proud were you to drive that car after 50k miles or 100k miles…not so much so.   And if you kept the car long enough, it may have even gotten so bad that you actually became embarrassed by it.

Components of your house work the same way.   Especially a part that is as visible as the windows.  Sure we can hide them from the inside with drapes and blinds, but we know they are there.  Hard to clean, stained, seals broken and glass cloudy, old looking.  Quite frankly, unsightly and embarrassing.

New windows will restore the pride in your home!  Clean, fresh, clear, shiny!  New replacement windows show that you care about your home and let your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances know you aren’t just some slob who lets their house fall apart because they are too lazy and/or cheap to do anything about it.

So Now that you know what fresh replacement windows will do for your home, it is time to contact a quality window replacement contractor that services Palatine and the surround areas….

That company is Innovative Windows Pros!  Give us a call now for a FREE, no obligation price quote and consultation on your window replacement project.

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